Welcome Kit

We offer a Welcome Kit with a great selection of good ingredients, toppings and drinks to all our addresses in Oslo and Stavanger. Perfect for those who arrive late in the evening or want to have some food at check-in.

Oslo & Stavanger

How wonderful is it to skip the shopping and go right into your kitchen to make a meal? Order a Welcome Kit and a Meet & Greet package for a great start for your stay.

We make sure that everything is ready in your apartment no later than 16.00 on your day of arrival. Remember to book 2 days before your arrival no later than 12.00. Delivery on Sundays and public holidays must be ordered 3 days before the arrival date, no later than 12.00. The order is not valid until you receive an email confirmation from us.

Price: 495 NOK

The Welcome Kit contains:

1 Bread

3 Banans

3 Red apples

1 pk small carrots

2 tomatoes

1 pk Jarlsberg cheese

1 l Orange juice

1 pk filter coffee (in Skovveien 8 – Nespresso)

1 pk ham

1 l milk

1 pk Chips

1 pk 200g Milk chocolate

1 pk Butter

1 pk Strawberry jam

4 x  150 g Wildberry yogurt