Time for a renovation?

Have you just bought a home that needs renovation? Why not start the new year by refurbishing and getting it exactly the way you want at home?

Out on a trip in Oslomarka

Enjoy hiking outside in the fresh air!

Collaboration with Region Stavanger

After Frogner House came to Stavanger, we have looked at opportunities to get closer to the local community.

A temporary stay

If you are going through something in life and need a temporary place in the meantime, we are here for you.

Exciting news in Stavanger

Soon opening a bakery, pizzeria and ice cream shop.

A private apartment has never been more important

More than ever, it is important to feel safe when travelling. We rent out private apartments for those who are travelling for work and leisure.

Automatic check in – time saving and efficient!

On all our short-term addresses you can get in automatical. All to make your stay easier.

How to find commuter housing

Do you want a commuter residence or maybe you are looking to book for employees? We have the solution for you.

Do you need housing for employees?

The process of finding accommodation for employees can be an extensive and time-consuming process. But it doesn't have to be!

What is short term rental?

For us, short term rental is all stays under 30 nights. We have over 800 fully equipped apartments in Oslo and Stavanger.

Experience Stavanger for free

Stavanger is the place for exploring one’s surroundings. Here are our Stavanger tips and they are all for free.

10 tips on how to feel at home

We provide 10 tips on how to feel at home in your new apartment. Our buildings are hand picked in the best places in Oslo and Stavanger.

How to find apartment for long term rental?

Are you looking for a long term home for you, or your employees? We have over 800 fully equipped apartments ready for occupancy in Oslo and Stavanger.