Automatic check in – time saving and efficient!

Added on December 16, 2019
On all our short-term addresses you can get in automatical. All to make your stay easier.

With us, you can check-in using our check-in machine! We have a total of seven check-in machines where you can easily check-in using your name or reservation number.

Your apartment will be cleaned and ready for check-in from 15.00 on the arrival day. You will have to check-in at one of our check-in machines, or with our Service Office in Skovveien 8 if your preferer this.

When arriving at the building, you will have to ring the doorbell, if the door is not open. We will then open the door remotely and you can enter the building and find the check-in machine. To check-in, you can put your name or the reference number (not the reference number provided from 3rd parts or Travel Agencies, such as, and Expedia).

Please check that your name, country, e-mail address and telephone number is correct on the machine and enter your date of birth. If you have not paid the booking beforehand, you will do the booking directly on the machine. Lastly, you will get your keys and information regarding the number of the apartment you will be staying in and other practical information, such as our phone number, the WIFI code and so on.

Our Service Office is available on telephone, email and chat if you should need any assistance.

Welcome home!