Collaboration with Region Stavanger

Added on October 26, 2020
After Frogner House came to Stavanger, we have looked at opportunities to get closer to the local community.

We have therefore chosen to enter into a collaboration with the Stavanger Region, which is responsible for marketing tourism in Stavanger and the surrounding areas. This includes the places Sandnes, Jæren and Dalene. In addition to the responsibility for maintaining and profiling the Stavanger area as a tourist destination, the Stavanger region also has the task of marketing and selling the Stavanger region for courses and the conference market.

We at Frogner House are extremely looking forward to getting to know the region better, both the people and the experiences that the region offers through this collaboration. It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm in the business community in Stavanger and how several players are thinking new in a difficult time. The Stavanger region is a great contributor to the business community in Stavanger and does a very important job for the area. Stavanger; we look forward!