Exciting news in Stavanger

Added on August 20, 2020
Soon opening a bakery, pizzeria and ice cream shop.

There are many exciting things happening in Stavanger this autumn. The prisoners at the Fort “Fangene på Fortet” have recently opened the doors to their largest venue in the basement of Lagårdsveien 61. Join in solving exciting tasks with friends, family or team-building with colleagues.

This autumn an art exhibition will open in Lagårdsveien 61 with works by artist Sverre Bjertnæs. After his breakthrough in 2015, Bjertnæs has made a name for himself as one of our foremost figurative painters and established himself in the top tier of Norwegian contemporary art. In recent years, he has exhibited art both at home and abroad with great success. We look forward to filling Frogner House Apartments with this great art this fall and we hope to see you there!

The winners of this year’s food culture award, Torill and Sven Erik Renaa, will open their largest restaurant in Lagårdsveien 61 in October. We are happy to announce that Renaa “Sirkus” is coming to Lagårdsveien 61 with a new and exciting concept. In addition to the restaurant, the factory will also have its own outlet, ice cream parlour and bakery. We at Frogner House are looking forward to getting these into the building and believe it will be a good contribution to the food culture in the city. More information about the launch will come.

Photo of the Renaa owners is taken by: Photo: TORD PAULSEN / GLADMAT
Link here: https://www.nhoreiseliv.no/nyheter/2020/matkulturprisen-til-re-naa/
Photos by Sverre Bjertnæs is borrowed from: https://www.brandstrup.no/artists/sverre-bjertnaes?view=slider#2