Time for a renovation?

Added on January 11, 2021
Have you just bought a home that needs renovation? Why not start the new year by refurbishing and getting it exactly the way you want at home?

Do you think it would have been nice to get rid of noise, dust and clutter when you are in the middle of a renovation project? Then we are here for you! We offer rental in beautiful, fully furnished apartments in central Oslo and Stavanger for short or long stays – just as long as you need.

Together with Lomundal Bygg, we have made an exclusive agreement, Lomundal Housing. Living at home while completely renovating the bathroom or apartment is not for everyone. Lomundal Housing is a service where your everyday life can continue as before and where you can stay centrally and comfortably with us at Frogner House Apartments while Lomundal refurbishes your home. Alice and Tim are 2 of those who have taken advantage of this offer, see how they felt!