Nordic 1828

Photo exhibition in Arbins gate

In addition to adding a new address in the portfolio, Frogner House has invited five Norwegian photographers to give the hallways a very special expression and to give the photographers an arena to exhibit their photos. The exhibition has been named “Nordic 1828” and plays on the Nordic expression and birth year of one of Norway’s most famous personalities, Henrik Ibsen.

– It is important for us to be in continuous development and give our guests new and exciting experiences. Over the years, we have built up relationships with good photographers who we believe should take up more space and deserve to have their own arena to showcase their pictures.

The exhibition is in the new Arbins gate.

The photographers is as following:

1. floor Torstein Lund Eik

2. floor Benjamin A. Ward

3. floor Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen

4. floor Andreas Helland

5. floor Emil Eriksson